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  • Week 4 Review of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide 1.0

    I am not an athletic person. I never have been, and probably never will be. Barbies and glitter crafts from my childhood were replaced with Babysitter’s Club books and synchronized swimming in my early adolescent years. As an adult, my hobbies evolved into shopping, champagne and the extremely ad-hoc (read: bi-annual) “restorative” yoga classes. That […]

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  • The Unconventional Film Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and other Terrible Situations

    This post originally appeared online here. I find myself thinking about the zombie apocalypse more often than I’d like. Back when internet quizzes were still novel, I’d taken one purely about survival—“How long would you last in the zombie apocalypse?”—and I was pretty upset to discover that based on my answers, my estimated survival time […]

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  • Chèrie Poutine, mon amour

    Ah, poutine! J’aime toujours No loon, nor John A. can deflect thy price Thine image captures such allure With our Queen in hand, I’d pay it twice Those golden drippings in which you cleanse The sight, my heart, it beats in toil Basket shaken dry dilates mine lens No further, my tongue I must now […]

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  • Does it just boil down to tomato or tomahto?

    Eating, cooking, and foodcasts. That’s on the agenda–ahem, counter–for today. Anyway, it might be for seasonal-mood-ing/maturity-increasing/economic-effects-ing/urban-relaxation-ing reasons, but I’ve fully embraced cooking. We’re practically married. I’ve never been one for the ol’ pot and wooden spoon. Last year, cooking in Halifax was bookended by two horrendous experiences: 1. Macaronigate: Fat-free cheese + wooden spoon + […]