23 Oct 2011

The Unconventional Film Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and other Terrible Situations

This post originally appeared online here. I find myself thinking about the zombie apocalypse more often than I’d like. Back when internet quizzes were still novel, I’d taken one purely about survival—“How long would you last in
5 Jun 2009

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder? Reflections on Twilight

Oh, Twilight. You saucy subliminal minx! I’m usually not one for teen b/pop culture (save for rhinestone headbands—Gossip Girl forever!), but when my mom recently brought home Twilight by Stephenie Meyer as the latest selection for her
27 Jan 2009

Chèrie Poutine, mon amour

Ah, poutine! J’aime toujours No loon, nor John A. can deflect thy price Thine image captures such allure With our Queen in hand, I’d pay it twice Those golden drippings in which you cleanse The sight, my
3 Dec 2008

Does it just boil down to tomato or tomahto?

Eating, cooking, and foodcasts. That’s on the agenda–ahem, counter–for today. Anyway, it might be for seasonal-mood-ing/maturity-increasing/economic-effects-ing/urban-relaxation-ing reasons, but I’ve fully embraced cooking. We’re practically married. I’ve never been one for the ol’ pot and wooden spoon. Last
23 Nov 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is a stylish alternative

Pass me my stilettos so I can gouge out my eyes! The horror! I’m starting to realize that a disastrous throwback to the 1980s is alive and very much in the city sight line almost every step
12 Nov 2008

Watching me watching you: CCTV at the movie theatre

So, saw my first flick in a London theatre. Quantum of Solace. And, like a kid taking its first bath, walk, dump, etc–it has quite possibly* been immortalized forever in the digital reel. In fact, I’m sure
4 Nov 2008

The Red Cups are coming! The Red Cups are coming!

November 5, I believe. So says the sandwich board outside my local ‘Buck. And call me Santa, but nothing tastes as joyous or yuletide-ish as a peppermint hot chocolate from those seasonal red cups. And although I
30 Oct 2008

Shall we Salvadelve into that further?

So it snowed in London last night for the first time in 70 years in October. I missed the snow–but I did see an image today that I hope to never see for another 70 years. Straight
26 Oct 2008

Phewff! We made it!

Weow! A full month in the Cobblestone City. And not to detract from my love of compiling lists–I’ve made a special v 1.0 and added “On” in front of everything. I think it gives it a little
21 Oct 2008

Zen and the facecloth

After 24 years of wondering, I’ve finally found a purpose for facecloths. I know, right? Strange. But what is even stranger is that my bathroom sink has two separate taps–one for hot and one for cold. Add