A Cube of One’s Own – Haikus for the Working Girl

“Day, have I the guts to greet you? Alarm clock tomorrow, cradle to the grave. Working full-time.”

-The Constantines

This summer, I’ve traded the field for the 407 and the forest for the panoramic view of Terminal 3. And I wrote some haikus on my lunch break:

near Terminal 3
is that a Boeing I hear?
no, just my stomach

Hey fluorescent lights!
making me look like a corpse
lunch alone again.

keep it together
thanks to standard paper clips
or trombones, in French

weight watchers brownie
you’re the size of a matchbook
that’s not big enough

dear swivel desk chair
if we were soldiers in war
I’d leave you behind


Top photo: “Coloured pencil” by Noj Han, used under CC BY / Resized from original

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  1. Michelle says:

    ive never been to your blog but its pretty hilarious. trombones in french? no effin way. your day sounds like mine. except i get to miss the swoosh of the airplane.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you make me LOL embarrassingly loud alone in my office

  3. Anonymous says:

    jan you are way to funny!
    weight watchers brownies are a freakin tease if you ask me!

    love love love


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