Flicks you gotta see! Reflections on the 27th Atlantic Film Festival

So, this past week the 27th Atlantic Film Festival has been in full action. I got a small student pass to the fest (six films) even though the festival screens about 250 films. I wasn’t up on my film gossip before selecting, so I through caution to the wind and ended up with some awesome films.

Here’s what I saw:

This was a hilarious Canadian tale of three drug addicts who scheme a plan to break into a safe and steal money. What is so great about this film is that they reference Canada without quickly following up with a beaver, Tim Hortons, or Eh! joke. It was fabulous. Scott Speedman does a great job. AND, the best part is that the soundtrack is Shout Out Out Out Out!

Girl Inside
This documentary follows a Toronto woman for a couple of years as she goes through the process of changing from male to female. She’s got an awesome support system found in her candid grandmother. The film raises questions about gender and identity in refreshingly honest ways.

Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary
This documentary opened to a packed house on a Saturday morning. People LOVE wiener dogs. When I was waiting to get in, everyone was asking everyone else if they came because they love wiener dogs. The answer was always yes. This was a funny, adorable flick. It follows the lives of wiener dogs that race in the southern US states and the people who own them. I really hope it gets distributed because everyone should see it.

Hunting and Gathering
This was part of the festival’s Focus on France. It starred Audrey Tautou and Guillaume Canet, my two favourite French actors of all time. It was a great romantic comedy.

Atlantic Shorts IV

So, the last group of films I saw were shorts that were all about hockey. And, after speeches, people in the audience belted out the Hockey Night in Canada theme song.

Ted Nolan Behind the Bench
I had no idea who Ted Nolan was before seeing this documentary. But, what a cool guy. The film follows him as he coaches the Moncton Wildcats for the 2006 Memorial Cup. I love hockey.

The Official Guide to Watching a Saturday Night Hockey Game (For Intermediates)
This is probably the funniest film I’ve seen in a while. It was a how-to animation about preparing for the big game which was a lot like those safety instruction books in airplanes. It was fantastic.

The Lullaby of Mike Bossy
A beautiful story of a girl trying to gain her father’s affections through a hockey card. I may or may not have sprung a tear during this film.


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  1. c says:

    I love wiener dogs

  2. Anonymous says:

    write me a new blog. write me a new blog. WRITE ME A NEW BLOG!

  3. EClipp says:

    Isn’t there an Olsen in Weirdsville? Or am I thinking of some other movie. I caught about 40 minutes of it and really enjoyed it (due to Scott Speedman… dreamy). I should probably watch the whole thing though.

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