Office wonders: Three beauty products you need to have on your desk at work

Nowadays I work from home, which has its perks (really relaxed dress code, interesting snacks and lunches, and winning at personal life admin) but up until a few months ago, I was commuting to a downtown office.

Despite my now nonexistent commute, I’ve kept my desk and office area as professional as possible (no dialling into calls from my duvet!) and still keep the same beauty products close at hand for when mini-emergencies and well, boredom, occur.

Here are the three products I need to have close by:

1. Lip balm

Not a groundbreaking item, but an absolute necessity. There’s nothing worse than really dry lips and not a balm in sight. So painful. So. Annoying. I actually have three lip balms on my desk right now, but the one I grab the most is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. More recently, I’ve been trying out the uber luxe By Terry Baume de Rose, but it’s worth a standalone post (stay tuned!).

  2. Hand moisturiser

This is particularly crucial if your office, like mine, used really terrible hand soap in the washroom. Add an unlimited coffee and juice bar and you have the recipe for very dry hands. Unlike lip balms, there’s only one moisturiser on my desk, and it’s awesome: Hand Chemistry by The Abnormal Beauty Company. It literally makes my hands look airbrushed.

3. Hydrating face mist

I’m a bit like Pavlov’s Dog when it comes to a face mist – it’s cool and refreshing, and for me, it means it’s time to get down to work. I really like Pixi by Petra’s Hydrating Milky Mist – it smells great, and the spritz is super-fine, so it won’t leave you looking like you were just sweating profusely. Now that I work from home, I spritz whenever and wherever, but when I was working in an office, I was a bit more discreet (especially if your office has a no-scent policy).

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