Shall we Salvadelve into that further?

So it snowed in London last night for the first time in 70 years in October.

I missed the snow–but I did see an image today that I hope to never see for another 70 years. Straight out of a surrealism painting, I saw a man vacuuming up leaves on the sidewalk. No, not using a leaf blower. Using a li’l Henry cleaner. I mean the Henrys look like the Heffalumps in Pooh’s terrifying dream sequence (Winnie Pooh and the Blustery Day) of my past. It was pretty strange. The leaves are also huge and the man spent more time crumbling them to be sucked up. I thought it was pretty funny. He didn’t, but he was pretty glum anyway (perhaps the snow…).

It’s like that scene in Blow Up–the tennis match–where at first glance things seem normal, but on closer inspection, something is very not normal.


Top photo: “Autumn in London” by Davide D’Amico, used under CC BY / Resized from original

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  1. Shamuslit says:

    The link for that movie is:

    And a very funny story.

  2. EClipp says:

    haha I love this story. I just heard a story last month similar to this. A CDS mom (who will remain anonymous) regularly vacuums her lawn after its been mowed. It’s just weird.

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