The twin pillars of celestial skincare: Sunday Riley’s Luna and U.F.O. facial oils

Have you tried Sunday Riley facial oils yet? I first discovered them last year when I received a 15 mL bottle of Luna in Anna & Lily’s Cult Beauty Box (which, by the way, was amazing).

Previously I had been using some facial and cleansing oils, but the Luna Sleeping Night Oil was a real game changer for me. I couldn’t—and still can’t—get over how it made my skin look and feel the morning after I applied it. My face looked really dewy and plump like I had just had the best sleep of my life (when in reality, I am pretty restless). Since then, I’ve been hooked, and usually apply it to clean skin three times a week before bed. I love the scent, and I also love that almost one year on, I don’t think I’ve even used one-third of the product. At little really goes a long way.

More recently, I was visiting my snowbirding parents in Florida and popped into the local Sephora. My skin has been so-so recently, and I think Winter’s cruel fist has shown her might (dry patchy skin, random breakouts, blocked pores – ugh). Anyway, I was drawn to the U.F.O. facial oil. Like the rich blue color of Luna, U.F.O.—as in Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil—is an emerald green color that massages in clear. It contains a host of helpful ingredients (1.5% salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and chamomile, among others) to help combat acne while still smoothing fine lines. Finally, a product for those who left puberty behind many, many moons ago.

On the whole, I’ve been loving U.F.O., although I’ve only been using for a few weeks. It has an interesting scent—while previously I read that it smelled similar to pine-scented cleaning products, I think it smells more medicinal, but in a good way. It smells like a solution to my so-so skin. And I’m pretty sure it’s working. I haven’t had a major breakout since I started applying it twice or three times a week before bed, and my pores definitely don’t look as congested. Thank the heavens for these two stellar oils!

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