Watching me watching you: CCTV at the movie theatre

So, I saw my first flick in a London theatre: Quantum of Solace. And, like a kid taking its first bath, walk, etc., it has quite possibly* been immortalized forever in the digital reel. In fact, I’m sure you can file an FOI and watch me watching it–thanks to CCTV Camera A and B. According to information posted around the theatre, recording the audience during a film is a response to video piracy.

As a first-timer, I felt a bit strange about it. I’m sure there’s a discussion in there somewhere–the element of audience voyeurism and privacy potentially broken. I didn’t bulge my eyes out in a weird, uninhibited way, I muffled my grimaces/gasps with my hand. I found myself trying to look normal. I think if it had been a horror film I would have been done. There’s no way I want a stranger to know that I watch most through the spaces in my fingers with my ears plugged.

But the CCTV came in handy when buying tickets since a flat screen hung near the booth let me know there were plenty of great seats left for the showtime. So I dunno. I’m on the fence about CCTV. London is pretty much covered with it. You could probably watch me walk to school the entire way, the only part not on film is the elevator in my flat.**

So, so much for the possibility of me being an under-the-radar special agent. But slam-dunk for the Canuck secret service agent near the end and her stereotypical politeness.***


*Maybe they delete the boring stuff.
**Maybe there is a yet-to-find secret camera.
*** “Thank you!” Obviously.


Top photo: “Alabama Theatre / Alabama Theater / Birmingham” by Bahman Farzad, used under CC BY / Resized from original

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