Yeah, I guess he’s mural material…

So, the other night I went to my first ever karaoke bar! Yes, I know. First. In 23 years.

It looked like a set from a Coen brothers film (mostly Blood Simple, which I would argue is their best film), with wood-panelled walls, long tables in rows, and a giant vending machine. It’s for serious karaoke-ers. And boy, did they really belt it out.

There was this guy who was always onstage that knew the chords to EVERY song. He backed up everyone. I’m pretty sure he backed up my friends when they sang “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. Which is totally fantastic to have a guitar rendition of that song.

Anyway, the greatest thing about this place was the awesome murals on the wall. On one side of the bar the murals were of an aquarium, like sharks and stuff. And it was pretty realistic and framed to look like glass panels.

BUT, on the other side was a giant, life-size mural of Sidney Crosby! He was looking pretty fierce and about to score on the Habs. At first I thought it was ridiculous to have a mural of Sidney Crosby, I mean, maybe Wayne Gretzky, but Crosby? However, someone was quick to inform me that he means a lot to the people around here and that he’s from Halifax. So yeah, I take it back. He’s totally mural material. And he did do that Tim Horton’s commercial…

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  1. BK says:

    Ahem, I believe he’s from Cole Harbour, NS.

    My brother and I have been pushing for live-band karaoke forever … this is pretty close.

    Geordie Miller and I once sang “Two Princes” at a karaoke bar in Halifax (followed by the whole gang doing “We Built This City …”), but it definitely wasn’t at this place.


    ps – I can’t believe you’ve never been to a karaoke bar before. Next time we’re in Toronto, we should go to Joe Mercury’s at Bloor and Dundas West … a beautiful dive if there ever was one.

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