Yes, Virginia, there is a stylish alternative

Pass me my stilettos so I can gouge out my eyes! The horror!

I’m starting to realize that a disastrous throwback to the 1980s is alive and very much in the city sight line almost every step of the day:

Perhaps one of the seven wince-able sins of shoe-wearing commuters: The dreaded marriage of ratty gym shoes and skirt suits. Not since our favorite Working Girl, Tess McGill, took the Staten Island Ferry into Manhattan in 1988 has the look been so, erm, comfortable. Dare I say popular. Popular in the most unpopular way. Like Canesten.

Now, I know that stylish flats aren’t going the way of the dodo and I can’t think of any reason good enough to justify this ghastly decision. In fact, the British have created the lovely ‘court shoe’ which I believe is the ‘sensible’ high heel. Save for an exercise tape, there’s no occasion where white tube socks and black pantyhose should ever be worn together. Also, the more I think about it, the more this practice reminds of the mullet’s “business in the front, party in the back” mentality. But maybe it’s more of a “professional: from head to kneecap” sort of motto. …[jaw clenching ensues]…

Feet matter too! Sigh.

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